Smart Ways to Sell Your Diamond Ring at the Best Price

Today’s price of a well-cut, one-carat diamond is about nine thousand US dollars and up.
If you are planning to sell your diamond ring, you need to know some basics to avoid getting scammed; first, you’ll need to learn about the 4 C’s.

What is 4 C’s?

Your diamond is appraised according to the 4 C’s – the Cut, Color, Clarity, and the Carat. While it is imperative to understand the fundamentals of the 4 C’s in a diamond for buyers, as a seller you should also take note every detail of it.

The Cut

The cut of the diamond is crucial to the overall worth of the diamond; in fact, any imperfection in the cut can affect the diamond’s value in the market. For instance, if you would compare an imperfectly cut 3-carat, colorless diamond to a well-cut 1-carat, colorless diamond, you’ll get a better deal on the 1-carat diamond than the 3-carat diamond.

The reason behind how crucial the cut is, it is because the cut of the diamond affects the overall quality of the diamond; its angle, symmetry, proportion, brilliance scintillation, fire, and the finishing touch can directly impact the diamond’s ability to glitter.

The Color

The second most important characteristic of a diamond is its color; unlike other gems, the less colored a diamond, the more valuable it is.

The Clarity

The clarity of the diamond is referred to as to the diamond’s transparency from gas bubbles, cracks, dark spots, and more. The diamond is evaluated if there are inclusions or any imperfections – the result of these can affect the worth of the diamond.

The Carat

Contrary to what you would mostly hear, the carat is not the size of the diamond; if you are talking about diamonds, the carat is referred to the weight of the gem. However, as mentioned, the cut of the diamond is more valuable than the carat; which is the reason why you need to ask a reliable appraiser to check how much you can make if you sell your diamond ring.

More than understanding the 4C’s, here are a few other ways to sell your diamond ring at the best price:

  • Set a realistic price goal; if you already know the worth of your diamond ring, you need to set a realistic price.
  • How urgent do you need the money? Sometimes, urgency can affect the price of the diamond even if it is more valuable than the offered price from the buyer.
  • Always choose a reliable buyer; you can run to your nearest jeweler, but you have to ensure that they aren’t cheating on you. To make sure that you’ll get the best price, try to check out Speedy Diamond – a reliable jewelry store that accepts diamond rings. So, if you need to sell your ring at the best deal, they buy them at a very acceptable price.

So, are you ready to sell your diamond today? To get the best deal, you have to know your diamond well and sell it to a reliable buyer.

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